Transformations: A Poetry-Life Exhibition



A Poetry-Art Exhibition


Launched today, a project that I’m honoured to have a little involvement with through my poetry

A global, collaborative poetry-art exhibition: Showcasing 29 emerging Twitter poets and artists, transforming Ovid’s Metamorphoses



Debris. (Video)


Debris (Video)

Poem about a woman who through drug and alcohol addiction finishes up sleeping rough on the streets. Societies reaction.

©Carol Robson 2014

Let The Good Times Roll by Carol Robson (Video)


From my set ‘Just Saying How It Is’ performed at Tea and Tarts WI-Huddersfield Central on March 8th 2014
Filmed and Edited by Bob Roberts

©Carol Robson 2014

Single Awareness Day (February 14th)


Single Awareness Day


February fourteenth is Valentines Day

another chance to fill the coffers.

A card, flowers, presents to give

commercialism filling their pockets.

One day just to say, I love you


Promotion, advertising

pushed at you since the New Year.

Magazines, newspapers, television too

just to say on that one day.

I love you


Emphasis on couples,

sharing their love.

Why do they need a special day?

everyday should be special.

If you love someone so much


How does it feel to be single?

grown tired of all this hype.

Many different reasons, for being single

cherish your life, cherish your friends.

February fourteenth is,

Single Awareness Day


© 2011 Carol Robson