Ben! Never Forgotten by Carol Robson

This is a poem I wrote for my friend Kerry, mother of Ben Needham.

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Ben! Never Forgotten
(For my friend Kerry and her family)

The sun shone brightly
just another idyllic Grecian day
family together sharing good times
with laughter and dreams of future plans.

In the blink of an eye
it all changed on that day
my darling boy playing, then,
as if in a flash of blinding sunlight
you disappeared from our eyes.

Stealthily taken from the family bosom
the pain driven through our hearts
as we searched for you, through tears
that never dried in the scorching sun.

Hours and days passed by
dreams and hopes of your return
never diminishing as I held
your favourite things to my heart
now soaked in heartbroken tears.

Twenty one years have now passed by
but every second down these years
you’ve been in our constant thoughts
our lives broken by those that stole you away
but they never stole you from our hearts
our spirits to find you are still unbroken.

One day I know you will return
a mother’s belief, so strong, never undone
to hug you, to kiss you, is what I yearn
you’re never forgotten, beautiful Ben, my son.

© Carol Robson 2012

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