The Recovery Project Collaboration: ‘Creatives Making a Difference’

The Recovery Project Collaboration: ‘Creatives Making a Difference’

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Hidden Perspectives Festival (Bringing The Bible Out Of The Closet)

Hidden Perspectives FestivalStarting my performance of Gay Biblical Whispers at the Hidden Perspectives Festival at The Workstation Sheffield June 1st (Bring the Bible out of the Closet) challengingbiblical/religious narratives on homosexuality/homophobia and gender.

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Review of poetry performances at Hidden Perspectives Festival

( Sarah Thomasin, Carol Robson and Sally Jenkinson were truly captivating, their passion and dedication to the craft was evident within each performance. Skilfully they all caused ordinary words to take on extraordinary messages, speaking to the audience on such a personal level that many commented that the performances were ‘a transformative experience’.)