I’m Not Invisible. (with soundcloud audio)

I’m Not Invisible

I shrink away from this coldness
the coldness of an ordinary day
people lives – spent, moving in herds
some people moving alone – like cold dummies
self-consumed, need to be there – like yesterday
never seeing – dismissing – the frailness of others

People moving along, with a fixed glare
their lives with a purpose, that we do not know
moving as robots, programmed lives
mobile phones attached to their ears
or eyes glazed upon their screens
fingers walking in rhythm to their feet

Frailness still moves among them, warily – yet always alert
keeping  a sharp eye for the hunter
you’re the prey to be knocked over
by the robot that got side-tracked
the one that snarls; I never saw you
no words of sorry – makes it all your fault

I’m not invisible; I’m fucking real for god’s sake
I might be old – I might be disabled – so, I’m frail
Am I now, just an easy target – to be brushed aside
like it’s my fault for being in your way
so arsehole! – walk in my frail shoes for a day
experience the coldness and the blindness of the herd
get used to it – because, one day, this could be all yours.

© Carol Robson 2011

Seasoned Thoughts with (Soundcloud Audio)

Seasoned Thoughts

A poem about my thoughts at this time of year.

©Carol Robson 2013



Seasoned Thoughts

I’m feeling a cooler summer warmth

faces with perhaps a lesser smile

people with a little more garb about them

I feel a change in seasons is upon us.


Summer flowers, dropping, fading away

gardens once full of healthy colouration

have plants so forlorn with loss of flowers

like small forests, stripped to stringy limbs.


A weaker sun arcing down, leaving us early

nights drawing in with a shiver of what’s to come

curtains drawn hiding us away

clinging to thoughts of warm sunny evenings.


Short days and long nights to come we fear

dreary days, lives shuffling through fallen leaves

autumn morns so refreshing as watery sun lies low

quickly winter comes, chilled to bone with a shiver.


Glistening snow, icicles adorning where water dripped

winter has its special days, childhood memories with children now

our earth emerges from its white coat with flowers of eternal spring

dreams of warm days to come, smiles return with warming hearts.


© Carol Robson2013



Loneliness and Isolation

This is a poem I wrote early last year and seems relevant to this BBC News article on older age loneliness. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24572231

Loneliness and Isolation

You gazed through your window
watching the world passing by
sadly this was not your world
as you gazed from your void.

Your years so full of family and friends
now seemed such a distant memory
a memory that became far less vivid
only framed memories were your companions.

You didn’t want to bother your family
they didn’t seem to listen, always so busy
just a phone call would have brightened your day
taken you out, have a treat, just a visit, please.

A few hours a week your visitors appeared
a cleaner and a person with your meals
quickly gone with barely a word or smile
again long hours devoid of any other presence.

Hours, days and weeks seemed to merge into one
broken by those fleeting visitors into your prison
a prison with a view to a world that was no longer yours
a life on your own, should never have been endured.

Now family and friends are here for you
talking of bygone days, relived memories
your loneliness and isolation is now over
sadly, it took your passing to bring them here.
© Carol Robson 2012