First poem from my Gay Biblical Whispers set performed at Hidden Perspectives festival June 1st (Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet) which looked at the Homosexual and Homophobic narratives in the Bible.


Man should not lie with man
woman should not lie with woman
an abomination should end in death
they would take your very last breath.

Homosexuality seen as such a sin
putting to death, their patrilineal kin.
Hypocrisy abounds, thou shall not kill
a sin decreed by their Father’s will.

Gay and Trans people are condemned
procreation of life will be stemmed.
Yet the conception of the son of God
in all narratives just appears a little odd.

Mary’s immaculate conception without stain
a virgin birth, which told, we must not profane.
The vision of the Holy Spirit to take Mary was foretold
or is it simply, that the greatest fairy-tale ever was about to unfold.

©Carol Robson 2013

Christmas Orphanage (with soundcloud audio)

Christmas Orphanage

Christmas Orphanage

Pasty faces looking out
pressed against greasy panes
windows out of their world
darkened sad sunken eyes
glimpsing a world denied.

Falls of snow bring the cold
shivering from this frigidity
that lingers in the coldness
of their desperate unloved lives
spirits broken by the coldness of others.

Orphaned, deprived of real love
a spark of a smile curls on broken lips
as they see children of freedom
wrapped in warm clothes
sledging and playing
in the fresh fallen snow.

Christmas Day brings a wishful flicker
the children’s hopes of a special meal
provided and served by their fat benefactors
dressed in warm colourful garments
such a contrast to their greyed existence.

A meal, a little better than usual
gratefully received with a present of fruit
an orange, slightly fresher than the odours
of a dining room of starved children
whose bellies were fuller than normal
on the day that happens once a year.

© Carol Robson 2012

Fuck Being Austere (with soundcloud audio to the tune So This Is Christmas)

Time of the year to share this one again.

Fuck Being Austere (with soundcloud audio to the tune of So This Is Christmas)

Fuck Being Austere
To The Tune; So This Is Christmas

I know this is Christmas
but I don’t understand,
this feeling inside me
of things being planned.

Scrooges of Christmas future
old Cameron and his clan,
they sadden me deeply
with their devious plan.

They bring Christmas greetings
of joy and goodwill,
but not for the working class
forced to swallow a bitter pill.

A time of year for children
pressies from the Santa man,
family festivities and your parties
make the most of it while you can.

ConDem scrooges are hard at work
cutting Jobs and pensions too,
hurting old people and the vulnerable,
they’re just trying to screw you.

And so Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year,
look out for each other
and Fuck being Austere.

© Carol Robson 2011