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Women in Comedy Festival UK


Retweeted Loulou Becawawa (@loubecawawa):

@Chakracaz hi-la-rious @thecastlehotel for @womenincomedyuk in ‪#‎Manchester‬ ‪#‎laughlaughlaugh‬ ‪#‎goodtimes‬

Women in Comedy FestivalUK Castle Hotel, Manchester

Women in Comedy FestivalUK Castle Hotel, Manchester Oct 16th


Dance of Good and Evil by Carol Robson


For World Mental Health Day #WMHD2015

Just Saying How It Is


Uncommon sense breaks the frailness;
a mind disorganised, yet still not broken.
Good, light thoughts; evil, dark thoughts,
like bed-fellows – side by side.

A constant battle of wills:
good and evil challenging
like a passionate circling dance –
Tarantellas courting each other.

Your behaviours challenged by desires;
your free will attracts the evil,
your morality fights to transcend this,
your virtues fight for spiritual purity.

In time you fight your final battle,
the final dance of light and dark,
the brightness of your soul
rejecting the deep darkness of your mind.

You’re now here in a good place –
at least, until you’re asked for another dance.

Carol Robson 2014

(Page 16 Words of Darkness and Light)

£6.99p plus p&p I will sign if requested £6.99p plus p&p
I will sign if requested

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Debris by Carol Robson (Video)



Debris is about a woman who is homeless, on the streets through drug and alcohol addiction.
Performed at St Helens Central Library June 26th when I was the support act for JB Barrington
Video courtesy of John Richards
Debris Copyright Carol Robson 2015