Just Be You by Carol Robson.

Just Be You

You’ve endured a life of!

Told it will be this way

told it will be that way

told, told, told told,

from the earliest time.

Roles decided.

Learn this, learn that

the right way

it has to be

their way.

Be different,

free thinking,

challenge them,

use constructive argument

be prepared

to be labelled,


a rebel.

We are not

all the same

challenge them

your life,

your choice,

your human rights,

being broken

challenge them

your life,

your choice

stop them,

shaping you

just be you.

Told you cannot,

ask why not


be different

make mistakes

they’re your mistakes

learn from them

stand out

make a difference

your choice

your life

shape yourself

true to yourself

just be you

not what others,

want you to be.

You don’t need,

role models.

©Carol Robson

Bad Dreams by Carol Robson.

This poem is from my revised/edited 2nd edition poetry collection Words of Darkness and Light.


Childhood, special time,
Joyous and carefree –
Free as a butterfly
Spreading your wings.

Spring and summer delights:
You run, dance and skip
Through the fields; flowers too –
Sitting by the stream, carefree.

You find a special friend –
They are kind –
You meet by the stream
Again! Again! Still carefree.

Carefree no longer:
You do not run, dance and skip
Through the fields and flowers.
Stream is a bad place.

Not a special friend!
You didn’t want this.
Frightened! You never go out –
Frightened to tell.

Crying, bad dreams, so real –
You withdraw.
Where have you gone?
Silence consumes.

Bad dreams follow you.
In time you are here –
Not the same, no longer carefree.
Evil! Took something away.

Fields, flowers, stream of yesteryear
Pushed into deep dark place:
Bad dreams, bad memories
Still manage to emerge.

You never told.
You think you coped
So why do you still
Have bad dreams?

Copyright: Carol Robson 2014

Christmas Orphanage (with soundcloud audio)

Christmas Orphanage

Christmas Orphanage

Pasty faces looking out
pressed against greasy panes
windows out of their world
darkened sad sunken eyes
glimpsing a world denied.

Falls of snow bring the cold
shivering from this frigidity
that lingers in the coldness
of their desperate unloved lives
spirits broken by the coldness of others.

Orphaned, deprived of real love
a spark of a smile curls on broken lips
as they see children of freedom
wrapped in warm clothes
sledging and playing
in the fresh fallen snow.

Christmas Day brings a wishful flicker
the children’s hopes of a special meal
provided and served by their fat benefactors
dressed in warm colourful garments
such a contrast to their greyed existence.

A meal, a little better than usual
gratefully received with a present of fruit
an orange, slightly fresher than the odours
of a dining room of starved children
whose bellies were fuller than normal
on the day that happens once a year.

© Carol Robson 2012

Ben! Never Forgotten by Carol Robson

This is a poem I wrote for my friend Kerry, mother of Ben Needham.

Go here for all updates and events http://www.helpfindben.co.uk/

Ben! Never Forgotten
(For my friend Kerry and her family)

The sun shone brightly
just another idyllic Grecian day
family together sharing good times
with laughter and dreams of future plans.

In the blink of an eye
it all changed on that day
my darling boy playing, then,
as if in a flash of blinding sunlight
you disappeared from our eyes.

Stealthily taken from the family bosom
the pain driven through our hearts
as we searched for you, through tears
that never dried in the scorching sun.

Hours and days passed by
dreams and hopes of your return
never diminishing as I held
your favourite things to my heart
now soaked in heartbroken tears.

Twenty one years have now passed by
but every second down these years
you’ve been in our constant thoughts
our lives broken by those that stole you away
but they never stole you from our hearts
our spirits to find you are still unbroken.

One day I know you will return
a mother’s belief, so strong, never undone
to hug you, to kiss you, is what I yearn
you’re never forgotten, beautiful Ben, my son.

© Carol Robson 2012

I was born with a Cleft Palate by Carol Robson

I was born with a Cleft Palate by Carol Robson

My story:
I was born in 1948 with a cleft palate.  My palate repair was carried out at the Weston Children’s Hospital in Sheffield when I was two years of age.  For the following years until I was about thirteen years of age I attended hospital out patient departments for mainly dental and lower jaw problems, I also talked with a stammer for several years. In 1996 I needed an operation which is called a Le Forte Osteotomy (my top jaw was broken and moved forward 8mm. I had 4 titanium plates with 17 screws holding my jaw together and my jaws were wired together for 3 months) this was to correct my bite which was a problem arising from the scarring of the original palate repair, the whole procedure including later removal of the plates and wearing braces on my teeth for 3 years has been very successful. Cleft Palate repairs are now being done on children at a very younger age but many still need treatment as they get older and even as adults.

If you have a family member or friend affected by Cleft Lip or Palate please support this group.  CLAPA

Copyright Carol Robson 2011