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‘Just Saying How It Is’ comes to Camden Fringe Aug 12-14.


‘Just Saying How It Is’ comes to Camden Fringe

CamdenFringe.         Rabbit Hole NW3 Theatre, Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead.

Aug12-14 9pm.


Camden Fringe Poster


Fixation With Genitalia (Audio)


Fixation With Genitalia

Fixation With Genitalia is a poem I wrote for my Fringe show Finding Me(Take Me As I Am) this is a recording from a show I did in March 2014 in Huddersfield for Tea and Tarts WI.

Copyright: Carol Robson 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review of my show


Finding Me(Take Me As I Am)

‘The putty-like flexibility of spoken word allows
[Robson] to navigate this ever-changing universe with lyrical élan’

Edinburgh Fringe:

BroadwayBaby   4 Star Review



Fringe (2)


How can this be, me
37days, 16 performances
just finding me
poetic verbiage
of a life journey
serious and curious
sense of humour
a little bit of rumour.

From Manchester
to Edinburgh
via Buxton too
certainly hoping
I entertain you.

Take me as I am
as off on the road I’ll go,
certainly this is no sham
it’s a damn interesting show.

Just saying how it is
come see me take the floor,
stirred up words, with such a fizz
performed by the Media Whore.

©Carol Robson 2014