An Untimely Death by Carol Robson.

An Untimely Death

Older people are easy targets
relying on their pension,
pension day to look forward to
then, start looking forward to the next.

They want you to work until you die
attacked, suffer cutbacks
again and again
those now living in fear
many with various disabilities
now fear their advancing years.

The extra money helps so many,
it isn’t about their luxuries
as they sit in their coats and hats,
scarves, gloves, wrapped in blankets
here in their homes.

Another cold winter shackles them,
confined by disability or age.
Fears for so many,
they will not see another year,
this will be an untimely death.

© Carol Robson 2015

Fuck Being Austere (with soundcloud audio to the tune So This Is Christmas)

Time of the year to share this one again.

Fuck Being Austere (with soundcloud audio to the tune of So This Is Christmas)

Fuck Being Austere
To The Tune; So This Is Christmas

I know this is Christmas
but I don’t understand,
this feeling inside me
of things being planned.

Scrooges of Christmas future
old Cameron and his clan,
they sadden me deeply
with their devious plan.

They bring Christmas greetings
of joy and goodwill,
but not for the working class
forced to swallow a bitter pill.

A time of year for children
pressies from the Santa man,
family festivities and your parties
make the most of it while you can.

ConDem scrooges are hard at work
cutting Jobs and pensions too,
hurting old people and the vulnerable,
they’re just trying to screw you.

And so Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year,
look out for each other
and Fuck being Austere.

© Carol Robson 2011