My Beautiful River

(poem appropriate with our recent destructive weather and floods)

My Beautiful River


I gaze upon you from your stone bridge

as you meander way into the distance, far from view.

Constrained by your grassy flowery banks

so beautiful, serenity and tranquillity personified.


Nothing to fear from you,

yet not always so.

Seems such a distant time,

since your rages.

Rains and storms,

swelling your meandering body,

no longer constrained

by your beautiful curving banks.


Banks are broken,

your power has no bounds.

Untethered torrent raging,

nothing can stand in your way.

Spreading out to pastures new,

now laying in your watery grave.

Your awesome power,

leaving destruction trails,

with memories of fear.


Nature’s creation you give and take away,

your swollen body,

no longer spreads out.

Again you flow graciously,

between renewed grassy flowery banks.

My beautiful force of nature,

now at peace again.


© 2011 Carol Robson