Yorkshire Coast Staycation (Soundcloud)

Yorkshire Coast Staycation

Written and performed by Carol Robson
Music: Fesliyan Studios
©Carol Robson

Virus (my self-isolation)


Pandemic of a human kind

global rush of Covid 19

worldwide death never designed

yet causing the lockdown scene.

Older and vulnerable were mostly thought to be at risk

children, then any age were taken

underlying health problems, the healthy too

no discrimination, it could be you.

Panic buying soon became the norm

empty shelves, no toilet rolls no tins of food

shops emptied by the covid swarm

normal folk now in a frenzied mood,

Self isolation social distancing lockdown

key workers frontline staff NHS Docs and nurses

the ones allowed to move around

NHS staff in their PPE, nursing the dying

trying to save lives in trying times

BBC giving us daily updates of soaring numbers

all over the world not just at home

this is real news not fake

let’s stay safe do not roam,

When it’s over we can party like it’s 1999

down the pub to celebrate with family and friends, reunited with love ones

street parties whatever you want

rebook your holidays, start to live again without fear

me, I’ll just hug my daughters and grandchildren too

©Carol Robson

’70’ A New Decade of Fun!

I wrote and put together ’70’ intending it as a one-off Fringe show, however after performing it at Greater Manchester Fringe last Thursday I can’t leave it at that, it felt good and I had some lovely comments, where do I go now, do I need help to put together more performance venues?
’70’ A New Decade of Fun…contains that it can be a good time for many, but there is also the truth of ageing, the darkness of ageing, the health changes….then the humour….real life stories… Holidays SAGA and Benidorm…Observations and Comedy.
Comment from a young friend and brilliant poet from NYC:

(Jordan Delise Fleming; ‘What an AMAZING show. Hilarious, heartfelt, and unapologetically Carol. So glad I came out.’)

I really need to think about what is next for this performance!

The truth of ageing, the darkness of ageing, the health changes….then the humour….real life stories…..Observations and Comedy.