National Poetry Day (Truth)

My Truth poem from a few years ago for National Poetry Day


Openness is a fine virtue
that leaves you naked
to be raided by the bone pickers
scavenging for your faults
to bring substance to their sad lives
so they can troll their messages
of lies and innuendo’s
yet the trolls will never ascend
to the beauty of your soul
that shines from beneath
the layers of your humanity
that shows the very truth
of your beautiful pure nature.

© Carol Robson

’70’ A New Decade of Fun!

I wrote and put together ’70’ intending it as a one-off Fringe show, however after performing it at Greater Manchester Fringe last Thursday I can’t leave it at that, it felt good and I had some lovely comments, where do I go now, do I need help to put together more performance venues?
’70’ A New Decade of Fun…contains that it can be a good time for many, but there is also the truth of ageing, the darkness of ageing, the health changes….then the humour….real life stories… Holidays SAGA and Benidorm…Observations and Comedy.
Comment from a young friend and brilliant poet from NYC:

(Jordan Delise Fleming; ‘What an AMAZING show. Hilarious, heartfelt, and unapologetically Carol. So glad I came out.’)

I really need to think about what is next for this performance!

The truth of ageing, the darkness of ageing, the health changes….then the humour….real life stories…..Observations and Comedy.

Greater Manchester Fringe 2019

Pleased to be returning to Greater Manchester Fringe this year. New show called ’70’. July 11th at @GulliversNQ Tickets now on sale, Get Your Ticket here:

Darkness and Fear. #MentalHealth

Darkness falls over you
searching for the light
that gives purpose
the drive, the focus
that keeps you going.
Darkness and fear
choice of living
with your decisions
the roads to take
the low or high.

Living with the choices
hurting others, hurting you
dark descends again
searching for the light
your purpose
right or wrong
choices you live with .

Right choices
right time, right choices
wrong time, wrong choices
right time
whenever is
as dark clouds engulf
limpidity, distorted
illusions of worth
self-belief, disbelief
mental rejection.

Pain and anguish
fear and loathing
behind a smiley façade
Look into the eyes
windows of the soul
see the screaming
from deep inside
of this darkness
afraid of iniquity
becoming lost, forever roving
squatting in the darkest corners
of fear and darkness
of your mind.
©Carol Robson #MentalHealth