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Greater Manchester Fringe 2019


Pleased to be returning to Greater Manchester Fringe this year. New show called ’70’. July 11th at @GulliversNQ Tickets now on sale, Get Your Ticket here:


2014 A fabulous year for me.


2014 A fabulous year for me.

Gigs Copyright Carol Robson 2014



Fringe (2)


How can this be, me
37days, 16 performances
just finding me
poetic verbiage
of a life journey
serious and curious
sense of humour
a little bit of rumour.

From Manchester
to Edinburgh
via Buxton too
certainly hoping
I entertain you.

Take me as I am
as off on the road I’ll go,
certainly this is no sham
it’s a damn interesting show.

Just saying how it is
come see me take the floor,
stirred up words, with such a fizz
performed by the Media Whore.

©Carol Robson 2014

Finding Me(Take Me As I Am) @ Greater Manchester Fringe July 5th


Finding Me Flyer GMF

Small venue 40 tickets available so get yours early
Tickets £3
WeGotTickets – Your Online Box Office – FINDING ME(TAKE ME AS I AM)