The Recovery Project Collaboration: ‘Creatives Making a Difference’

The Recovery Project Collaboration: ‘Creatives Making a Difference’

Details of poets, artists and audio visual here:


The Recovery Project :

This is another taste of the Transformations project I’m so pleased to be involved with through ArtiPeeps.

The Recovery Project :

3 artists (Ray Bentley, Jeremy Moseley and Hugo Smith) and 3 Poets (Carol RobsonBecca Smith and John Mansell) beavering away on the theme of the mental health issue of  ‘recovery’. The poets and artists have been paired and are each focusing on a particular aspect of recovery. Audio visual artist Shaun Blezard has also written a 15 minute soundscape to accompany the piece. All the separate elements will be completed by the ends of April and will be pulled together into a whole in May. This is all part of the well-being aspect of ArtiPeeps and will feed into a sister site we will be launching called ArtiPeeps Wellbeing which will serve to support the creative mind.